Financial Services Career Advisor

The Financial Services Career Advisor is an interactive web service that can help you identify the right career opportunities within Toronto's financial services industry.

Kick-Start Your Career

If you’re new to the working world, and you’d like to launch a career in Toronto’s financial services industry, the Career Advisor will be an invaluable resource for you. Get started by creating a profile here.

Relaunch a Career

Career Advisor is equally invaluable to individuals who already have professional experience – even in different sectors, outside of the financial services industry. To find a career opportunity within financial services that suits your interests and experience, visit Career Advisor now.


Find out about the high-demand careers in Financial Services and see what programs or further training you need for the role you want.


Find out what roles are currently in demand in the financial services sector.


Find what programs qualify people for specific careers or find further training for existing employees.

General Researcher

See what programs are available and what careers they lead to.