Our Mission and Mandate

The Centre of Excellence in Financial Services Education (COE) acts as a catalyst that strengthens and expands Toronto’s financial services talent pool to increase the region’s competitiveness as a global financial centre. We foster collaboration within and among the Financial Services sector, academic institutions, and government to address system-wide talent challenges.

  • Aggregating and analyzing information about Toronto’s Financial Services talent
  • Working with educators, employers and job seekers to build intelligence on the region’s talent needs
  • Sharing research with educators on skills, knowledge and competencies needed by the sector, in order to align programs to the industry’s needs
  • Facilitating information-sharing – about talent, education and opportunities – across sectors
  • Supporting its existing Toronto-area partners, and attracting new talent, by promoting the region’s educational and professional strengths

These services are made possible through the generous support of financial sector employers, the City of Toronto and the Ontario Government.

“When you’re a global company, you have to have the talent to compete internationally. Being headquartered in Toronto means we’re surrounded by people who make that happen for us.”

“Toronto is such a diverse city that being here brings the world to us. It also makes it easy to integrate talent from overseas. And we’re in the middle of a unique cluster of first-rate educational and training institutions that stay in touch with the industry’s needs. We can upgrade the skills of the people we have, and train talent quickly and conveniently. Toronto’s advantages in talent and education give us the edge we need.”