Moving to the Toronto Region

Moving a Business

If you’re relocating your business to the Toronto area, the Centre of Excellence can help by providing detailed information about Toronto’s well educated, highly qualified talent pool. Further, the Centre can share relevant information about the region’s educational and training institutions in order to demonstrate that even the most demanding employer’s talent needs can be met here.

Coming to Study

The Toronto region is home to a range of top-tier educational institutions focused on financial services. These institutions, which are staffed by globally renowned professors, attract vast numbers of ambitious and successful foreign students every year.

Moving to Canada

The City of Toronto’s web portal for new and prospective immigrants is an excellent resource for information about housing, neighbourhoods, schools, public transit and other city services.

Banking and Credit Services

Canada’s major financial institutions, which all have outlets in Toronto, offer a range of services for newcomers. Learn about the services provided by our major banks by visiting these sites:

Also enclosed here is additional information, geared toward transferring executives, on accessing credit at several financial institutions.

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“When you’re a global company, you have to have the talent to compete internationally. Being headquartered in Toronto means we’re surrounded by people who make that happen for us.”

“Toronto is such a diverse city that being here brings the world to us. It also makes it easy to integrate talent from overseas. And we’re in the middle of a unique cluster of first-rate educational and training institutions that stay in touch with the industry’s needs. We can upgrade the skills of the people we have, and train talent quickly and conveniently. Toronto’s advantages in talent and education give us the edge we need.”