2014 Reports & Studies

How does Toronto’s financial sector compare with its global peers? What are its strengths? What issues need attention?

We work to build a consensus among our partners on how to strengthen Toronto’s financial services sector, and it all begins with sharing information, insights and expertise.


Mowat Centre Report: Brokering Success - Improving skilled immigrant employment outcomes through strengthened government-employer engagement

Poor employment outcomes for skilled immigrants have long been a problem in Canada. Many government initiatives exist to support skilled immigrants, and the majority have focused on helping immigrants become "job ready" through programs such as language or bridge training. Increasingly, governments are exploring initiatives that focus on employers-"demand-led" employment supports-rather than those solely focused on job seekers' skills and abilities. This paper asks which strategies and levers are used by all three levels of government in Canada to engage with employers to fill their talent needs and improve employment and economic outcomes of skilled immigrants and how these strategies can be improved.
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Performance and Potential: Toronto’s Financial Services Sector, 2014

This report examines Toronto's financial services industry and its economic contribution to the Toronto area and to Canada as a whole. As well, this report compares Toronto's financial services sector with other global financial centres, and reviews Toronto's place in an international context. Finally, the report discusses how Canadian financial institutions operate internationally, and the importance of foreign trade and investment in Toronto's financial services industry.
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Going Abroad: Examining the International Footprint of Canada’s Financial Services Sector

This report examines the trends in Canadian international trade and investment in financial services. As well, the report discusses how Canadian financial institutions operate internationally, their key challenges, and their success factors. Finally, the report draws information from four interviews to get more expansive feedback/practical advice on what individual businesses should do when entering a new market.
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Doing More Business with China: Why Canada Needs a Renminbi Hub

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce released a report "Doing More Business with China: Why Canada Needs a Renminbi Hub." The report highlights four key advantages to the Canadian economy that could come from the establishment of an RMB trading hub.
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Structure of a Large Financial Organization

This sample organizational chart illustrates how major financial services institutions in Toronto are typically structured, and provides a visual overview of where the in-demand roles fit in the overall context of the organization.
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Global Financial Centres Index Sept 2014

The latest Global Financial Centres Index, GFCI 16, covering 80 financial centres, was published on September 22 by the London based Z/Yen Group. Toronto moved up three spots in the rankings, and remains one of only 11 financial centres judged by GFCI to be a "global leader," owing to the breadth and depth of its financial services industry. As a sub-sector, Toronto's investment management capabilities placed it among the top ten centres in the world.
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A Head for Finance: Growing Financial Services Headquarters in Toronto

Toronto should focus on improving its transportation infrastructure, including roads and transit, if it wants to keep growing as a centre for financial services headquarters, according to a Conference Board of Canada report released today.

Toronto is well known as Canada's corporate headquarters hub, and has the highest concentration of financial services headquarters in Canada. With approximately 30 per cent of all financial services headquarters in Canada, Toronto has by far the highest concentration; Vancouver is second at 13.2 per cent. The financial services sector is also Toronto's third largest source of corporate headquarters employment. Forty-three per cent of Canada's financial services headquarters employees can be found in the metro area, more than triple its closest competitor Montreal.

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KMPG Competitive Alternatives 2014 Special Report: Focus on Tax

Toronto ranks as the world's most tax-competitive major city in a new report released by KMPG. The report, Competitive Alternatives 2014: Focus on Tax, ranked Toronto first overall among the 51 major international cities studied.
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Jul 30, 2018
How Canada can close the cybersecurity talent gap

Jul 27, 2018
WAIFC – New global strategic alliance to facilitate cooperation and economic growth

Jul 4, 2018
New report introduces innovative framework to grow Canada’s cyber talent supply



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