2018 Reports & Studies

How does Toronto’s financial sector compare with its global peers? What are its strengths? What issues need attention?

We work to build a consensus among our partners on how to strengthen Toronto’s financial services sector, and it all begins with sharing information, insights and expertise.


Unlocking the human opportunity: Future-proof skills to move financial services forward

Given that Toronto is the second largest financial centre in North America, employing over 800,000 people, it is critical for companies in the financial services sector in Toronto to ensure they have the right people and skills to succeed in the future. To do this, financial institutions need to understand the key trends shaping the financial services sector, how trends are changing the nature of work, and the impact any changes will have on the demand for specific skill sets. This report seeks to build a better understanding across each of these areas in an effort to provide business leaders with insights and practical recommendations to move their organizations forward, while also giving people looking to enter the sector a view into areas of opportunity and the critical skills they need to thrive.
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Executive Summary - Unlocking the Human Opportunity: Future-proof skills to move financial services forward

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Knowing When to Partner: Toronto’s World Class Public-Private Partnerships for Infrastructure Financing and Risk Transfer

Toronto’s financial sector is uniquely positioned to help governments across the globe leverage public-private partnerships (P3) to address the growing infrastructure gap in Canada, finds a new report from the Toronto Financial Services Alliance (TFSA) in collaboration with KPMG in Canada. The report, Knowing When to Partner, ranks Toronto’s financial services sector only behind New York and London in its strength and ability to provide the expertise and funding to deliver on these large-scale capital projects.
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Ontario Student Perceptions of Financial Services Careers

To provide some insight on students' perceptions of Financial Services careers, Toronto Financial Services Alliance (TFSA) commissioned Universum, a leading researcher of student viewpoints, to report on Ontario post-secondary students' perceptions of the Financial Services sector as a career destination.
As Financial Institutions (FIs) evolve and become more focused on technology to drive value, they are looking to recruit a greater diversity of skills, and are recruiting entry level candidates beyond the traditional business school students. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) students and Liberal Arts graduates are other key student groups that FIs are working to attract.
To support the recruitment of a broad cross-section of students from different program areas, this report examines data related to students' career goals, what they value in a first career, and the types of employers they are focused on, in their search for a first employer.
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Jul 4, 2018
New report introduces innovative framework to grow Canada’s cyber talent supply

May 3, 2018
Announcement of Ontario FinTech Accelerator Office led by TFSA

May 1, 2018
Major Tech Conference Collision Moves to Toronto in 2019



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